The Three Views of Japan

Among the Japanese, there are three “views” in Japan that are considered the most beautiful.

The first is a group of about 260 islands off of the coast of Miyagi Prefecture called Matsushima. The second is a sandbar in Miyazu bay in the Kyoto prefecture, called Amanohashidate. And the third is a shrine called Itsukushima, better known as Miyajima, located on an island in the Inland Sea of Japan, northwest of Hiroshima Bay.

I recently visited the city of Hiroshima, and made a quick trip to Itsukushima. I want to visit all of these “views” so consider this the first installment.

Itsukushima (Miyajima): (Keep in mind I visited in February)

The Pagoda from town

The famous floating Torii

The shrine

Heading up the mountain

A sign depicting a shrine that cannot be photographed

A protector of buddhism (I like this guy’s face)

Apparently if you turn the prayers they have in the middle of these stairs it is like meditation – and gives you good luck

Blessings for children


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